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Cortex keeps boosting Origin games when they auto-update.

  • 1 December 2019
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Anyone else having Cortex boosting games that are being updated by Origin?

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Anyone else having Cortex boosting "Need for speed Heat" randomly? It is happening on my system about every 5 minutes but I'm not playing the game. I'm browsing the web or working on something else and Cortex just boosts "Heat" for some reason.

Hi Axiomatic13,
Have you tried turning off the Auto-Boost functions?
So I've figured out what's happening. If one of my games updates itself in the background, Cortex fires off and tries to boost it. This is clearly a bug. Also, it seems to only happen with games updating on Origin.

Thanks, xCryptik, I did, in fact, turn off auto boost.
Changed the title to be more accurate to the problem.
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I normally open the Launcher be it Epic, Origin ect. let it do it's stuff before launching any of the games that run via them from Cortex. As i have also noticed if you run the game it will launch the launcher 'boost' the game then get stuck in boost mode while it updates the game. This also seems to bug out the silver tracking process.
More new information. If you verify the game files in Origin, Cortex will stop auto boosting the game. That is until another game gets an update. Then whatever the last game that got updated will then be the new false positive auto booster.