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Cortex Mobile: Analyzer

  • 17 February 2020
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28 Replies

Thanks Razer! Really food job! From Italy with love
I'm using it right now! Nice app with nice optimization solution! it's really usefull for mobile gaming and also you can get more silvers playing "payed games"! great!!!!


As first mentioned by our very own Vanguard @Rox598, Razer Cortex Mobile received a big update with a new feature: Analyzer.

Analyzer's main function is to give a beautiful overview of a user's gaming profile. The top and background colors will always reflect the TOP 3 categories for the time range selected (Week, Month, Year). Discover your gamer colors by installing it now on your Android phone

Analyzer features 17 game categories + 1 "other" category for games that don't fall under the categories listed. Each column represents an individual category with the chart showing two data points per column:

  • Darker: Total games installed
  • Lighter: Total hours played

Additionally, Analyzer uses Gamer Booster as a core component and provides users with these options:

  • Toggle Do Not Disturb
  • Close background tasks and apps
  • Toggle Battery Saver Mode
  • Toggle Haptics, Bluetooth, NFC
  • Lock WiFi/Data
  • FPS counter

If you haven't done so already, update Cortex Mobile on your Android device now to see your gamer colors!

Unfortunately my phone is too old to support this app XD. I will give it a try as soon as I have a new phone.