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Cortex stops Valorant from playing latest update

  • 19 June 2022
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Cortex was working fine with Valorant for about a week, but after the latest update last week it would not let Valorant start up at all. When I start the game, it will do the "Ram optimizing thing as normal" and the game would go into the black screen as normal before it starts up, but then I would see the cursor pop up and see the spinning wheel indicating CPU is working hard, then I get a windows sound notification like something is disconnected or an error bug sound, then spinning icon would stop and Valorant becomes "not responding" in the Task manager. Updated all my drivers, windows update etc (Windows 10) and it still does the same thing.

Simple last resort fix, I turn off Cortex and Valorant will run absolutely perfectly fine. omg. annoying.

So after realising that Cortex was the issue, I went into the Cortex settings and forced Cortex to not optimise anything. Restarted the game and the game appears to start as per normal, and gets to the start screen fine. But as soon as I click into the game window, and try to hit any button on the screen, the sound will stutter with big gaps and the screen will freeze up and game becomes not-responding again in Task manager. I am sorry but Cortex has major problems somewhere if I am telling it not to optimise anything and the game will still have issues running properly even with all the settings turned off, you got issues dude.

Simple fix - uninstalled Cortex. My games have no problems running any more.
End of.

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3 Replies

Hey there!

Thank you for bringing this issue to us. My name is Michelle from the Razer Cortex technical support team. I have reported this issue to our engineering team. They are trying to reproduce it on our side and figure out the resolution.

We appreciate your patience.

Hey there!

We appreciate your patience.

We would like to let you know that this issue will be resolved in a new version soon.

Thank you!

Hi @Snailed ,

This issue has been fixed by a new version released yesterday. Please update your Razer Cortex to the newest version.