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Oculus Rift S not working/buggy *FIX*

  • 29 November 2020
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Hey guys!! So after a day and a half of the real struggles in life i FINALLY got my vr headset to work properly with any Steam game.
I was having a difficult time loading into VR chat and Phasmophobia.

Problems i had with my VR
So whenever i load into a game my VR headset will start to lag and loose its controllers motion and feedback.

IF you have a Razer device plugged in and you use Razer Cortex i recommend uninstalling that program. Razer Cortex exactly, other Razer programs do not affect the VR performance. Hope this can help my VR buds outside of my life. Enjoy!!!!


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Hey there,

Thank you for posting Cortex's concern on our support board. I'm Michelle from the Razer Cortex technical support team. I will be your technical buddy for today.

We are sorry for the issue you encountered. We are investigating it and are trying our best to figure out the causes. Please give us some time.

I will let you know when we find the correct resolution.

Stay sate and have a great day!

Your Technical Buddy,
Michelle Chang
Razer Cortex PC Team
I have the same problem, but even after remove of cortex its start to lag.
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I have the same problem, but even after remove of cortex its start to lag.

Hey there, if this issue persists after you uninstalled Cortex, we assume Oculus Rift S may be not compatible with other software apps installed on your PC. Please contact their support and ask for their help to figure out the resolution. Michelle