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Problems with Razer Chroma

  • 19 August 2022
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Hi Insider,
i have some problems with Razer Chroma and i hope someone here can help.

my configuration is:
Razer Stealth connected with a Razer Core X Chroma (EVGA RTX3080 12G) over thunderbolt 3.
Razer Core X Chroma connected with a Razer Raptor over DVI.
Works nearly fine. In synapse the Raptor is connected but the chroma effects could not sync.
I think, chroma needs an usb-c connection but i don‘t know how i can realize it (EVGA has no usb-c port)?

Any ideas?

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4 Replies

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You must connect Razer Raprots USB-C directly into your computer to control Chroma.
Can i use an USB-A Port in the Razer Core X with an USB-C Adapter?
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You can try connecting Raptor USB-C into USB-A in Core X - it should work as a hub then (there's been some problems with Razer peripherals on USB hubs - not detecting etc, but still worth to try).
I now connected the Raptor wird the Core-X over usb-a with an Adapter to usb-c and Chroma now works. Not fine, but solved.