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Razer blade 15 2022 model 3080ti

I have some questions regarding the performance of this laptop.

I currently have the newest Razer 15 with the i9 3080Ti variant, I have seen that the razer blade 17 received a GPU wattage update via the BIOS.

I was wondering if there any plans similarly for the 2022 razer blade 15 models.

Although the performance is great, it’s a bit daunting that for 300 dollars more in estimation, I can get 20-30% performance boost and larger screen variant. It under performs in that segment.

This isn’t by any means a negative concept, just from a logical user perspective, it’s illogical the strong differences between the 2 in terms of performance.

Are there any plans for such an upgrade? , even 10-15 watts additional can make it reach a moderate level in a smaller chassis.

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