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Razer Cortex and DOSBOX issues?

  • 11 January 2019
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Anyway, tired of beating my head against the wall talking to CS reps whose only answer is "I dont know"

Anyone have issues with Razer Cortex linking to DOSBOX instead of the games launch file? Know of a way to fix this?

I am trying to run The Elder Scrolls: Arena thru Razer Cortex so I can use the savegame function to be able to restart from where I left off if I move to different computers or haven't played in awhile. Tired of starting over on this game.

I bought the game from Galaxy of Games (GOG) and it has a launcher installed and automatically adds DOSBOX to control the speed of the game and for sound settings etc.

I can run the game thru GOG or by manually running the launcher in the Arena folder. However, if I use Cortex game edit function to try and change the filepath it wont let me. It lets me change the target folder but not the target file. The shortcut for the launcher has a target of "..\\dosbox_arena_single.conf" -noconsole -c exit

Any ideas on how to get this game to work thru Cortex? Better yet any ideas why the target box won't let me change the target file? I can change every other option under edit game including the title, target folder and command line options but not the target file? Even if I add it manually and select the file I want to run it keeps changing it to the DOSBOX file.

Customer Support isn't sure why this is happening and suggest I update my Win10 files. I did that even though they were already up to date. They also suggest I reinstall Cortex and/or revert to an older version. That didn't work either.

Any other issues you guys have seen with games either installed from GOG or using DOSBOX that have bad links?


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