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Razer Cortex correlation with server disconnects

  • 4 July 2022
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I've had some issues with sudden server disconnects, and finally set some watchers up & caught the conflict.

Appears that when Razer Cortex polls for services, BattlEye sees this as malicious, but same as having a crosshair enabled you're just exited a raid without any ban, but since this isn't a "known case", the error is just a "Disconnected from Server".

This correlation is still only speculation looking at call stacks. Running with a clean system without Razer Cortex/Synapse to see. So far 4+ successful raids without a disconnect, it's typically every 4-5 I'd get a disconnect.

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1 Reply

Hey there!

Thank you for bringing this issue to us. Someone reported the same issue. We can do nothing from our side unless we contact the BattlEye developer. We will try to do that.

We appreciate your patience.