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Razer cortex hours played reset after an update, how to manually change it?

  • 16 June 2022
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After an recent update of Razer cortex, the hours played for each game have been reset
Image: https://imgur.com/fmn5GLV

I have found a thread that explain how to manually edit hours played : Razer Insider | Forum - Razer Cortex Playtime bug?

But the file that it say to edit has not been used for one year by Razer cortex. And changing it do nothing.

I have a screen of Razer cortex from before the reset so knowing how to manually change it would help me.

Also, I linked my steam account in Razer cortex, and it updated the hours for the game from steam in Razer :)
image: https://imgur.com/86hxhf3

But my issues is that it didn't update for the game that i have already played since the update, so FFXIV is still at 14h but on steam it is at 421h
Image: https://imgur.com/E4F2k0d

Manually changing the hours would help me here also

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Hey there!

Thank you for sharing your concern with us here. My name is Michelle from Razer Cortex technical support team. I will be happy to assist you with your issue.

The total Playtime of your games will be reset when you update from Razer Cortex 9.x to Razer Cortex 10.x as both versions use different methods to store data. Razer Cortex 9.x saves data on your local PC while Razer Cortex 10.x stores your data on the cloud.

Razer Cortex can restore the Playtime of games from supported gaming platforms once Razer Cortex is connected to these platforms. The supported platforms are Steam, Origin, GOG Galaxy, and Ubisoft Connect.

If the FFXIV is the steam version, and you have successfully connected Razer Cortex to steam, it should be synced in Razer Cortex.

But from your SS and description, it did not. Please share your Razer Cortex logs with us via PM.

Please note that Razer Cortex does not allow users to add/edit the PLaytime manually.

We look forward to your reply. Thank you!

I run the log tool, but when I click on Output I have the message

Could not find a part of the path
Image : https://imgur.com/uzF5u5P

The sync with the plateforme worked for all games but not for the one that I didn't have no hours, so if I started a game one minute and Razer Cortex count it, when I sync the plateforme razer dont update
Hey there!

Could you please try to collect your logs via this path: C:\\ProgramData\\Razer\\RazerCortex\\Log

And then upload it to a cloud service by the method on this page:

Log: I send the new link in a message
I thought that some games didn't update because I played them after the reset. I don't know but it could maybe also be because for some game, I have the demo game upgraded to full game. I download the demo version to try the game, then I buy the full game, which may be why Razer Cortex did not manage to update the hours?

This is not a big problem for me but it was nice to have all the info in one place even for games not on Steam
I receive your logs in PM. Thank you!