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Razer Cortex not tracking AimLab

  • 30 June 2023
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Have Cortex in Admin privilege on Win 11 and not tracking time for Razer Silver. Help please and thanks.

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Hey there!


Thank you for sharing your issue with us on this thread. My name is Michelle. I’m part of the Razer Cortex technical support team. I am delighted to be of your assistance. 


I tested the game on my PC, and the game can be tracked correctly. To track your gameplay time, please check and apply the following to record your Playtime:

  1. The game you are playing is the official version, instead of a game with another third-party launcher.
  2. If you play games that require a launcher, the game and the launcher should be installed in the same folder.
  3. Razer Cortex is running on your PC before you launch the game.
  4. Your game is not added to “MY LIBRARY” manually. If you have added it by clicking on the “+” icon > “Add game”, you need to proceed to the game’s profile page and click on the “Settings” > “Remove”.
  5. The folder C:\ProgramData\Razer\GameManager3\Data\rzr_userid is deleted from your PC.
  6. Restart Razer Cortex and reinstall the game to the default position before attempting to rescan the game in Razer Cortex.

If this issue persists after you trying the above method, please feel free to provide us with your Razer Cortex logs via pm for us to further investigate this issue. 


Here are the testing result on my PC: