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Number of problems with my new Blackshark v2 pro (white-2020 edition) headset

  • 10 September 2023
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I received these headphones a few days ago. and straight out of the box, the Bluetooth was terrible, it would crackle and cut in and out, and there is this constant static when Bluetooth is enabled. it was a massive disappointment considering how much I spent on them. and so I plugged in the aux cable, and it sounds like a dream. there's no problems using the aux. however! looking back at recordings and feedback from the online games has told me my mic sounds super good quality! but is very intermittent at times. but the biggest problem was that they can just hear everything I can hear. almost like my driver wires are also being routed through the mic? I did some online research and thought maybe I needed to update the drivers. however they were already had the newest firmware. so I looked at the settings played around a little. even factory reset the driver settings and it only made things worse. I just need some advise? is there something I'm missing? or is it all false hope and I need to exchange, if I do need to exchange these? please can someone tell me how? I've also looked into this and still cant figure out a way to either talk to technical support over the matter or return these. I really love these headphones and want to make this work!!

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the day after posting this thread, I found the headset support page, and I have fixed the biggest issue with the Bluetooth dongle. however my mic is still a problem. I’ve contact support :)

Further update, Support only tried to help my dongle. With my POV of hearing. Everything is absolutely fine. Perfect even. With my friends POV. They are getting a relayed feed of what I can hear as well. Almost like the speakers wire is touching the mic wires. I so far haven't found any help. Or any support. I tried explaining it to support but they did not understand. 

Feeling kinda stuck and upset I can't do anything about the headset :/