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well, I don't know what's more silly. This suit or the meta verse.
Love the suit. I would really like a over the ear headset equivalent to my one and only discontinued G330 gaming headset. I can not wear headsets on my head as it causes a flair up of chronic migraines.
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* slow clap *


The suit reminds me of the film "Tron Legacy"
-Light suit-

-RAZER Tron-

or the one from Ready Player One !
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Suit Up
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Nice April Fool's Day joke
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lol that's a good one
I wonderwhat will happen to those who actually participated in the beta sign up o_O
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Maybe next year, I can buy that extreremely awesome suit!
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If 1st of april wasn't close, i might have believed in this for a small amount of time.

Happy April Fool's - Thank you for joining in the fun and we hope you liked the Razer HyperSense Suit as much as we did. Though it may remain a concept for now, we're still working towards bringing you a fully immersive gaming experience, so stay tuned.

Our giveaway will still go on till April 7, 1159PM PT. Don't miss out on the giveaway (This is not a joke!)

- - -

Hey Insiders,

Suit up for the metaverse and make the virtual feel real with our Razer HyperSense Suit - a highly-advanced, full-body gaming suit powered by Razer™️ HyperSense haptic technology.

From hard-hitting blows to heart-melting romance, amplify every sensation and emotion in all your favorite games - the way it was meant to be experienced.

Sign up to be a beta-tester at https://rzr.to/hypersense-giveaway and stand a chance to win a suite of epic Razer gear! Get bonus entries by sharing what and how you would use the #RazerHyperSenseSuit for in our Razer Discord channel.

I hope this thing comes out of the lab because its cool af
This is great, still waiting for a Razer Hoverboard...


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In one of those I would get to mercury not to metavers