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Bought Razer gold.. Cannot Use for Game. Options?

  • 19 July 2021
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*please read carefully before replying. I got copy pasted answers previously*

I bought $100 of razer gold PIN. I did everything correctly but I assume because the game is in SEA and my gift card is US based, it doesnt work. The game does accept razer gold/ Razer gold PIN. (GIFT CARD NOT IN WALLET) I had no option of choosing a region when I bought the card, but it gives an error when I tried to top up the game.
Defeated, I tried to buy some items from the razer store, but I cant use my razer gold to buy a keyboard or anything? Why is that?

At this point my gold is completely wasted. I would really appreciate help with trying to resolve this if possible or if I can use this for a game based in another zone. I havent redeemed the gold, is there anything I can do with it.

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