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[MONTHLY SILVER] December 30,000 Silver Drawing

  • 8 December 2023
  • 73 replies
[MONTHLY SILVER] December 30,000 Silver Drawing

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73 Replies


Just got my first RAZER equipment...LOVE IT, never going back!

Just subscribed on Christmas! and wife bought me a razer x hyper speed wireless mouse! love the product so far, hope i can get the silver to upgrade my gaming desktop and stream better


So far I’m quite pleased with this Razer website I think it’s rlly useful in multiple ways thanks to the creators of this website

gl everybody

Free things are always good. Good luck everyone!

Finger crossed.🤞

Good luck


good luck all

fingers crossed :v

Happy new year!

Lets go, I can use some Razer silver!! To go with my all Razer setup!  



come on!

Just want to win something ig 

Haven’t won anything yet….

Would be nice to win 30k silver. Would have been better if all my silvers would have been given to me on each razer product I have bought so far.



Really hoping to get something out of this

I think im late 🤣

thx  that is a good thing to hear




that im late?😭