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More games on mobile to earn silver

  • 23 March 2020
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Can we add more games on mobile to earn silver daily?

Also, maybe if you play for longer you get more reward, how about 30 min and you get doubled?

Could be good IMO

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2 Replies

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I totally agree with adding more games but to extend it to 30 min it's not moral i think. Right now you get reward for 3 minutes of gameplay, extend it to 30 would be too much, maybe to 10 if there is to be.
I meant you get the initial 50 for 5 minutes, and if you continue to 10-20 min or more you can get more silver. For example 5min=50 / 30 min=150.

So there is an incentive to continue playing and not stay only 5 min and leave