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Synapse 3 forgetting chroma profiles.

  • 2 September 2019
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Hello I am having issues with Synapse 3, it works fine on reboot but after a few hours it completely forgets my chroma profiles, I go into the studio section and it shows none of my presave profiles or my devices. synapse will not let me create new profiles and nothing works until I go into task manager and force quit then reload the application. when it is in this state I can click on razer central on my taskbar and it says that synapse is not running, when I click on the button to launch synapse, nothing happens. I am running on the latest version of windows 10, with the latest version of synapse. my peripherals are a black mamba elite, black widow chroma, and I am using philips hue bulbs. I have contact support and we reinstalled all software already.

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How old is your OS? I do think this is an OS issue.

I do recall a time, when Microsoft deployed Windows 10 for users to update. It caused number of problems to my applications because I had too many corrupt executable files and source files.
In the end, I got a new OS CD to start fresh.

Windows is great, but unlike Apple, where all applications are verified by Apple and safe to use, there is a little too flexibility in terms of OS source file vulnerability. These vulnerability causes things to not work properly. Even in our eyes the application should be doing its work, but if the OS source files are corrupt the best fix is to start fresh.

Additional note about Windows update. It updates certain features and design layouts by updating that part of source files, for example Cortana and Start menu visuals, but it does not repair or reconstruct the entire OS source files.