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  • 27 May 2024
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What's the most underrated video game you've ever played, and why do you think it deserves more recognition? Whether it's an indie game that captivated you with its unique story, a classic title that didn't get the attention it deserved, or a game with innovative gameplay that flew under the radar, we want to hear about it.

What makes it special, and why should more people give it a try? Tell us why this game stands out to you and get a chance at the Weekly 5000 Razer Silver!

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Honestly, the games on airplanes are too underated 

Battle Talent. It’s a VR game that has some fantastic gameplay. I’ve always loved imagining myself in the perspective of characters in every game I played, wondering what that world looked like from their eyes. Even if it was just a basic dungeon crawler. And Battle Talent does just that. It puts you in that dungeon crawling experience but with amazing VR swordplay and parkour mechanics. It’s one of the few VR games where full locomotion and body movement feels rewarding. I mean if you can do DMC style air combos but in VR, then why WOULDN’T it be good? It’s almost purely gameplay-focused but it is HEAVILY underrated. Anyone who loves swordplay and intense VR movement needs to check it out!

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There is one game that the publisher killed too quickly, Rainbow Six: Extraction. I liked it but got bored over time due to the lack of new maps dispite all the great events that got my heart pumping. I think there is a free trial, so give it a try.

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The game in question in my eyes is Wizard of Legend. It is a brilliant roguelike, and my favorite in the genre (as seen by my many hours on it). The game sets you as a wizard entering a gauntlet of trials, every run being able to purchase different spells which you can design and synchronize with your relic and your robe, each which have their own affects. The game just kind of… fell off after launch and you don’t see many people talking about it. However, it’s clear the creators still love it, as it just recently got an update, and a trailer for the sequel has been released. The game has many hours of content to enjoy, a stimulating and near flawless battle system, customization and player expression, self imposed and otherwise challenges to complete, a boss rush mode, a hidden boss, and is a lot of fun with local multiplayer, where you and your wizard pals can either duel each other or work together throughout the run.

All in all, Wizard of Legend did not get the love it deserved, and for anybody into roguelikes or games about wizards, Wizard of Legend executes perfectly on everything one could want. Please, give it a try, and wishlist the sequel if you like the game to show support to the devs.

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I hate to post twice, but this other game is just so exemplary I had to cover it. If this disqualifies one or both of my posts from the drawing, so be it, more people really have to hear about this game.

Arcus Chroma is an indie fighting game recently released on steam to the applause of all who purchased it. The game has a rather odd quirk to it, that being the players cannot jump. The developer GxGrainson has somehow managed to make this seemingly detrimental subtraction a major part of the fun. Each character has a wide variety of moves, and while they are very distinct and have their own playstyles and archetypes, they each have the tools necessary to pose a formidable threat in various ways. Each zone on the screen is enjoyable to play, nothing feels like a drag. All of this, however, is without mentioning the game’s magnum opus. It’s combo system.

Arcus Chroma is a highly intuitive game that promotes player creativity in every aspect of it’s gameplay. As a big fighting game player, I adore the combo system. You can just feel how the developer considered every hit and choice, and it all comes together in these buttery smooth interactions. It is incredibly beginner friendly and enjoyable. Anybody hoping to bring their friends and family into the genre, are new themselves, or just want to have some fun for cheap (the game retails for less then ten dollars and is currently on sale), pick this game up. I have thousands of hours in games like DBFZ, XRD, and SF3, but still find fun playing Arcus Chroma.