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3x Razer Raptor No RGB control on 2

  • 6 September 2021
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I have a setup with 3x Raptors and a Razer 15 Advanced. All monitors function except the RGB.

  • 1 Usb C Direct connect
  • 1 Usb C Connect through Thunderbolt Dock
  • 1 HDMI Direct and Usb C through Thunderbolt Dock

  • Synaps only finds 1 monitor for RGB controls, any way to fix this?
  • Read somewhere that the program only detects 1 monitor, and only the last one you plug in at a time?
  • Any other ways to control all my rgb at once or am I stuck on Rainbow Cycle?

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1 Reply

Synapse 3 can only detect 1 model of Razer product at a time. I'm thinking this is a limitation to the software and not an issue. The only way to adjust the RGB is through Synapse 3.