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A Nightmare Experience with Razer Support

  • 9 December 2023
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I wish I could give zero stars to Razer Support for the ordeal I’ve been through. As a long-time user of Razer products, I’m deeply disappointed and frustrated. My 2020 Razer Blade Pro, which I sent for repair after a Razer-provided BIOS update bricked it, became a source of endless frustration.

Despite my persistent efforts, contacting support 15 times and opening multiple cases, the process to simply mail in my device was needlessly complicated. The $99 diagnostic fee felt like a slap in the face, especially considering what followed. My laptop was returned to me with no explanation, no repair, and no refund of the fee I paid. This level of disregard for customer satisfaction and service is appalling.

The lack of communication and accountability from Razer Support is unacceptable. It’s one thing to have a technical issue, but it’s entirely another to be treated with such neglect and indifference by a company’s support team. This experience has not only soured my view of Razer’s customer service but also makes me question their product reliability.

To anyone considering Razer products, be wary of the support you might receive if things go wrong. This has been, without a doubt, the worst customer support experience of my life.

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