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Apologies for cross post: Razer Ripsaw No Audio Xsplit

  • 12 January 2019
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Hi there. I attached something to an older post about Ripsaw Audio because I couldn't find the new thread button. Sorry about that, but I'm super frustrated.

Running a Razer Ripsaw with PS4 attached to a Windows 10 machine with 32gb of ram.
I have never had a problem really (save for the feed freezing and having to hit refresh on the input periodically; not always). I was speaking with a friend on PSN chat getting ready to stream when I realized that the sound was suddenly gone from the PS4 in Xsplit. I checked the line in through xsplit; maximum volume.

Concerned, I switched over to the PS4 direct; no sound there either. So now I'm panicking something is wrong with my PS4. I decide to take my HDMI cable and bypass the Ripsaw. Sound working fine.

So now I know it's the Ripsaw, because I'm still having issues with audio even when not in Xsplit.
I unseated and reseated all cables multiple times.
I rebooted the PS4 several times, as well as the PC.
I uninstalled and reinstalled the ripsaw drivers. Still same.
Only thing I notice is there is a slight popping sound now if I try to change the volume of the input through xsplit, as seen here:

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2 Replies

I have a diagnostic report from the razer tool, but can neither upload it nor paste it here.
Hi there! I saw your post from this thread. Please send me a PM and let's continue there.