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Audio meter causes device connect/disconnect?

  • 6 February 2021
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I just got a base station chroma, my first chroma enabled device. My only other razer devices are running via a set of tournament drivers under Synapse 2. One of my visual effects is a base of wheel, with starlight overlayed and audio meter on the front corner LEDs. I also have one that is audio meter with a starlight overlay. Under the second one, windows immediately spams the device connect and disconnect sound effects at random, which stops when I switch profiles. Under the first one however, after a while windows begins to spam the device connect/disconnect sound effect, which doesn't stop when I switch profiles, even if the profile doesn't have audio meter at all. Any ideas?

Edit: it was caused by my usb 3 hard drive and a usb 2 hub connected to the base station, likely drawing too much power

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