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Basilisk V3 Pro Hyperspeed Dongle does not work

  • 27 August 2022
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Hey there,

I just got my BSK v3 in the mail today and immediately started having problems connecting it using the Hyperspeed 2.4ghz dongle. It was recognized at first, but after 15 seconds or so it would stop seeing the mouse altogether and it would disappear from Synapse. Each time I unplugged and replugged the dongle it would work for just a moment before stopping again.

I made sure to update Windows and all my drivers as well as check the Razer site to see if there was a firmware update for the mouse. I'm all up to date and the issue remains. I also tried on another computer, but no luck. Eventually I tried the Razer Device Detection Troubleshoot Tool and followed all its steps, uninstalling Synapse, refreshing all my drivers, and then reinstalling Synapse. Still no luck.

Now unplugging and replugging the dongle doesn't even allow me to use the mouse for a few seconds and Windows doesn't appear to see the dongle at all. I tried using USB 2.0 and 3.0 slots and moving the dongle further from my other wire, but still nothing. Earlier this week I tried out a Viper V2 Pro which uses the same kind of dongle, it still has no problems whatsoever and works flawlessly with the dongle on the same computer even now. I tried using the Hyperspeed Dongle Utility and also the Hyperspeed Multipairing Utility to see if either would detect the Basilisk's dongle, but neither of them even see it.

The mouse works completely fine while wired and is fully charged.

Any info any of you might have would be greatly appreciated, I'm in a little bit of a jam here. I already reached out to Razer support directly, but they haven't gotten back to me just yet.

I did buy the Mouse Dock Pro and that is on its way to me, perhaps that will solve the problem, but I won't know until I have it in hand and its shipping to the US East Coast from Hong Kong.

Followed up with Razer support and they didn't have any advice for me. I was told to try the Mouse Pairing Utility, but even though the page for that utility says the BSK v3 is supported, it isn't an option in the software itself.

They said it must be a hardware issue and that an RMA would be necessary, but that they couldn't send out a replacement unit until they had received my current unit. I decided it would be best to just return the mouse to Bestbuy and buy another sometime soon, hopefully the next one doesn't have the same issue. One Bestbuy reviewer said that they bought two and both had the issue, so I may try to buy one from Amazon or another retailer in hopes that a bad batch got sent to Bestbuy specifically or something.

Edit 3:
I got a new one from Microcenter and this one works perfectly fine with no issues.

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