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Battery swelling + keyboard issues

  • 22 September 2022
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I have a Late 2019 Razer Stealth (RZ09-03101E72), and over the past few weeks noticed the my trackpad was "bulging" up and physically separating from the laptop. During this time, certain keyboard keys intermittently stopped working on the keyboard, and now (a few weeks later), the keyboard has stopped working altogether (built-in keyboard works in BIOS, but not in Windows. External keyboard works in both).

Based on what I've found in help documentation, I've tried reinstalling Windows but the keyboard still does not work. Because of that, I'm assuming that this is a hardware issue related to the battery swelling, but am a loss as to how to remedy the situation, since none of these parts seem to be available.

Any thoughts as to what my options might be? Thanks in advance!

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2 Replies

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1st thing - I'd remove the battery before it'll make more damage to your PC. Then after removal I'd check keyboard if it's functioning properly or not.
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Hi roboman5000,

Please PM me the serial number of your laptop and a short clip documenting the issue so I can start a case and forward it to the relevant team who will work on getting your laptop repaired. Thanks!

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