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Better usage of the Mouse key function #5

  • 14 February 2019
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Has anyone noticed how difficult it is using the 4th and 5th keys on the mouse during gaming because your finger always seems to hit the 4th even though your trying for the 5th key? I've found out that if I raise the 5th keypad by 1/4 inch, I can engage it without hitting keypad #4. The designers should do this when they build the mouse automatically.

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2 Replies

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How exactly are you raising it? I'm trying to picture what you're doing to achieve this, and can't.
Well, In order to raise the keystroke #5, I used some silicone on the top of the key. After this dried, I had a nice raised keystroke that I could easily use, and not hit when trying to use keystroke #4. Really feels great too cause I know exactly when I'm pushing #5 keystroke.