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Blackshark v2 spartial soundthx ?

  • 23 February 2021
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I bought these headphones recently and i want some guidelines.whats with the spartial sound thx is spartial software a different thing from spartial that is incuded in synapse?when i enable spartial i can hear the demo working fine but when i play warzone it feels stereo just left right footsteps no other direction.and is pretty low volume too sadly...(yes i have turn te volume from the earpad full too).do i have to make any other abjustments ,in windows do i select windows sonic or something?do you have any guide at all for a true detail guide from software to windows settings game setiings to actually work for spartial?and i read somewher that you need to open the game and then alt tab and swith from stereo to spartial to take effect..whatever if anybody can help please reply.thanks

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