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blackshark v2 x microphone not working.

  • 11 November 2022
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i recently bought the razer power up bundle v2 which includes the blackshark v2 x. and no matter what i do the microphone on the headset will not work. i've tried using the individual jack, the front and back jack panels, and i've looked up everything i can to find a solution and it still will not work. my computer won't even recognise it as a headset. and razer synapse won't recognise that it's plugged in. my pc will recognise that there is a microphone connected, but still no input whatsoever. i really have no idea what to do at this point, and i can't contact razer support myself because it's impossible. i feel it has something to do with the splitter cable design and the jack ports. i'm worried i may have just wasted my money on this, especially after how excited i was to recieve it.

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Don't worry, I doubt you have wasted your money on this. Worst case is you send it back for warranty repair. Mics under Windows can be 'altered' in quite a few spots, so its a matter of tracking each of the spots and hopefully one is mis-configured. Have a look at your Device Manager first and make sure a mic is detected under 'Audio Inputs and Outputs'. Did you follow the install instructions here? Looks like this headset has a USB Sound Card with it (I am unfamiliar with this model sorry).