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Blackwidow Chroma Spillage, only some keys not working?

  • 23 March 2019
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Long story short diet cola was spilled on my keyboard(not by myself!), a blackwidow chroma, there didnt seem to be much liquid on the actual keyboard itself, but i quickly unplugged it and dried it out for a couple days, i plugged it back in and it worked totally fine, until about 3 weeks later when suddenly a portion of keys in the middle of the board stopped working completely. All lights still work on the board and most of the keys work apart from the middle section (asdfghj). I was wondering if anyone has heard of this and might know what has actually happened. if there is a way to repair the keyboard, I would've thought either the whole keyboard would fail or at least the lights as well as the broken keys would stop. Is there anything I can do at all that might help?


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