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Blackwidow Elite chroma studio broken

  • 8 March 2020
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For about three weeks now, Chroma Studio has not been registering that my blackwidow elite is plugged into the computer. The lighting profiles I already have set up work fine but if I try to edit any profiles and I save then the keyboard just goes black and doesn't do anything at all. If anyone knows how to fix this or is willing to work with me to solve this please respond to this thread. Thank you.

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3 Replies

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The keyboard appears to be detected by the app. But just to make sure, press CTRL + 0 when on that same window to fit all devices on the screen effectively zooming out and take and upload a screenshot of the result.
I already tried this and if i zoom out manually it's not there. Do you have any other suggestions?
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The next best thing we can do is to clean install both the app and the device drivers. That way, we can be sure that all the files and processes are in order. Do shoot me a PM if the problem persists.