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BlackWidow Elite Issue

  • 7 September 2022
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Hello Razer Community

I have recently got an issue with my Keyboard and have spent alot of time over three days to no fix. I have tested the keyboard on another machine and it works fine so there isn't a hardware fault like its died. and currently using a cheap plug and play keyboard that's working.

My Keyboard died whilst gaming, a quick unplug and re-plug brought it back to life for a few seconds and it died again and wouldn't come back on until I hard reset it (Hold Esc whilst Plugging back in) this seemed to work for a short time it has eventually died again.

I have tried re-installing synapse, even removing it completely it seems to have no effect on the keyboards status.

I checked my BIO's for USB Power-saving options, these are disabled and/or set to performance over power-saving, like-wise for my windows power-saving options (including serial-bus power-saving settings)

I have tried checking for driver updates, tells me I already have the best drivers for my device, even as far as to remove the driver and re-installed it and this also had no effect.

I have even gone as far as reinstalled a fresh copy of Windows 10 to my machine on a brand new m.2 removing other storage devices that may of had corrupt data or a bad setting that was blocking my keyboard from working on windows.

I have had it functioning after each change but it inevitably dies again sometimes with no apparent trigger, once whilst just watching YouTube without touching anything at all, an interesting trigger a couple of times has been when I have the mouse/keyboard plugged in and get it working, I finish plugging in my other peripherals (Headset, Gaming Pad) it kills the keyboard the moment the USB head as much as rub the rim of the USB Socket not even plugged in to a point the computer would even recognise its in, LED's off / Unresponsive Keys.

The keyboard will boot into demo mode(Ctrl+Caps+Space) all LED's come on but unresponsive to type.

Any help/pointers into the potential fix is much appreciated and thank you for reading my issue

Thank you

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