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Blackwidow V3 Pro not charging

  • 26 June 2023
  • 6 replies

I have seen multiple posts on the forum, but no solution. Just today keyboard started dropping connection even while connected via USB. Keyboard shows in Synapse stuck at 0%, occasionally jumps to 1%, then disconnects. When reconnects, at 0% again. Never had issues before today. Won’t connect wirelessly as charge too low.

Updated firmware, tried multiple cables and ports, always same issue.

Anyone else seen this and found a solution?

6 Replies

Having the same issue, haven’t found a solution that works for me yet.

I have the same issue, battery level is at 0 and keyboard does not function unless it is using usb cable.

I’m guessing a dead battery or internal charging components



我的blackwidow v3 pro就無法充電




Since yesterday I'm having the same issues. The keyboard doesn't charge and I can't use it wireless.

Connecting my BWV3Pro to a different PC as using Synapse3 as a guess solve this for me as for now. 

When connected back to my PC is looks like is charging again connected thru provided usb cable.

I have the same problem.  My BlackWidow v3 Pro only works when connected to USB, and as soon as I disconnect it, it stop working.  Even the light is always red, it never turns green.