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Blackwidow v4 X

  • 21 November 2023
  • 5 replies

After updating Synapse, Blackwidow v4 X lost its functionality when the Synapse application is open, the backlight does not work correctly, the key functionality does not work correctly, reinstalling drivers and software does not help solve the problem.

5 Replies

Exactly same here.

  • Without Synapse my Blackwidow v4 X is working perfectly fine.
  • As soon as I start Synapse, “Fn” button only switches lighing of few buttons (the ones labelled with alternate functions: “F9”-”F12”, “pause”, “ins”, “home”, “pg up”, “del”) but otherwise my Windows ignores the fact that “Fn” is pressed down (i.e. “Fn+F12” just opens console in my firefox when the firefox window is active, but instead it should be increasing the keyboard RGB lighting intensity)
  • Additionally, the volume wheel starts working like a mouse wheel (scroll up/down).
  • Inside Synapse I can’t change settings of any key - it simply shows loading icon next to the profile name infinitely.


  • As soon as I close Synapse, the keyboard functionality returns to normal.

Although Chroma studio works fine, RGB settings are applied as intended.

I’ve tried:

  • cleaning all razor drivers/software
  • reinstalling Synapse
  • plugging the keyboard into other USB slots

Nothing above helped, it keeps behaving exactly the same way as I described.

upd: I’m using Windows 10

If it helps in any way, I’ve been using Ornata Chroma before. It worked just fine. But again, I’ve cleared all Razor drivers using Razer Driver Clean-up tool: (got this link from It has made no difference.

I just updated Synapse, and the lighting issue with Numpad 2 is gone. But everything else is still not working (FN functions not working, Wheel scrolling instead of volume, key remap changes not saving with infinite loading circle icon).

Same problem. Bought it a day ago, without synapse is ON wheel works fine, M1-M6 keys don’t work.

When synapse is ON-volume wheel becomes mouse wheel.

Configuration changes don’t apply and save.

Uninstalled and reinstalled synapse, drivers, also used CleanupRazerDrivers.

Hello everyone, after the last update all problems are gone, go check it ;)