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Blackwidow X TE Chroma Second Faulty Keyboard

  • 7 August 2019
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My wife knew about this particular brand of Keyboards and gave me a shiny Blackwidow X TE Chroma.
I was super excited about the keyboard when i noticed that the M key started to miss some strokes now and then. I thought that I was very unfortunate to try a fauly keyboard with less than a year of taking it out of the box.

I got a replacement (Fortunately) that took about 2 months to arrive just to figure out that it now has 3 deffective LEDS after a couple of weeks of use.

Sadly for me and Razer, this is the last time I deal any Razer product.

Just out of curiosity, does anyonehere haves the same problem? Is there a way to fix this?

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Hey @TinnyKirovsky! Sorry to hear this. We'll definitely leave no stones unturned. By the way, does the chroma issue happened out of the box? Have you tested it to a different USB port on your PC or to a different PC with Razer Synapse installed? Also, try creating a dummy Razer Synapse account and see if the chroma issue still occurs. If it does, please send me your email address or RMA number via PM so I can check your keyboard's replacement history.