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Blade 14 settings for AMD onboard and NVidia Dedicated GPU

  • 4 August 2021
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I recently received a Razer Blade 14 w/NVidia 3070 GPU and I have been monitoring the GPU usage. Overall this machine is incredible! However, I almost always see the onboard AMD GPU running as hot and high as the NVidia. The concern is; does the onboard GPU add/work with the NVidia 3070? Or, is it running as well as (redundantly) as the 3070?

If it's the latter, I would guess I should switch to the dedicated card. But, if it's the prior I shouldn't. Right?

Like I said, this machine runs great, and I am not experiencing any performance issues. I just wanted to know if I should adjust the settings to prevent more heat.

Thanks for your time in helping me out with this!


Seattle, WA

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While your AMD's GPU and NVidia are both running in the background, they work alternately. Therefore, when you use an App/Game with heavy graphics, the data that they'll use will be processed by your GPU. That said, both of them can remain are active on your laptop if you have a technology like Nvidia Optimus. Let me know if you have any other concerns.

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