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Blade 15 Speakers Popping/Crackling

  • 19 August 2022
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Hey guys, I'm using my new Blade 15 for a little over a month now and noticed some very weird popping/crackling sounds when I turn up the volume. It rarely happens when I'm listening to music or something, but it is very clear when I got a Windows error message or something like that.

I recorded a video where you can see me raising the volume. Every time the volume level ring plays you can see the speakers crackling. (

I already tried updating all the drivers, downloading a new driver from the manufacturer and even restoring the notebook to factory settings. Nothing work.

Is this a normal behavior for Blade 15 Notebooks and I should just get used to it or is there something wrong? Should I try anything else or is it time to declare it as a hardware malfunction?

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