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Blade 2017 (14'') Intel HD Graphics 630 Windows 10 black screen freeze

  • 18 May 2019
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Hello Dear Razer Community,

since somewhere around beginning of April (apparently after some Windows 10 update) I started having issues with my laptop:
Razer Blade (14'') 2017, Full-HD, 512GB, Intel 7700HQ, NVidia GeForce 1060

My system: absolutely clean, fully up-to-date Windows 10 (1809, OS Build 17763.503), nothing connected.

Problem: at random point in time the screen would go black (display lighting still on, keyboard lights are still on, fans are still spinning), but the system freezes (no sound anymore, no data transfer from external HDD can be finished). The only way to switch the system off is to press and hold power button.
NOTE: after

After more than a month of debugging I narrowed the issue down to Intel HD Graphics driver. Once I install any version of this driver, the issue re-appears pretty fast. I have tried all versions starting from the old legacy version from 2017, then the Razer version from here and up to newest official version from Intel.

Among things I already tried:

  • Recovery from recovery partition. Issue re-appears without installing anything. Windows just pulls the updates and drivers and at some points it's dead again. I have tried disabling the updates for drivers, but since it's Windows 10 Home and not Pro, I can not mess with Policies and it still downloads and installs stuff without my will as soon as I connect to the internet.
  • Clean installation of Windows 8.1 (no drivers for Intel available, CPU is not officially supported for Windows 8.1, so no issue appeared here, but the laptop is also not very usable without these drivers).
  • Clean installation of Windows 10. That's what I am using now to write this post. It works if I disable Intel HD Graphics 630 in device manager and either use internal screen without even having brightness control, or connect via HDMI and use NVidia card only (which is fine, but not very mobile).
  • Running on battery without power-supply. Same issue.
  • Running on power supply without battery. Same issue.
  • Replaced CMOS battery (which was OK). Same issue.

So, without Intel driver my laptop is kind of a desktop. I can not connect external display via Thunderbolt (just HDMI) and without external screen I can not run any games and change any display settings (e.g., brightness), since my adapter is disabled.

I am out of ideas, guys. Any help would be highly appreciated.

Best Regards,

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2 Replies

Also, I tried physically disconnecting Killer W-Lan module inside and run without any network, the issue persists.
Hi there! Can you PM the serial number of your Blade to me? I'll assist you from there.