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Blade pro 17 (2017) charging issue.

  • 22 June 2019
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Hi guys,
I bought recently a Blade pro 17 with 32gb ram, gtx 1080 and 4k touch screen. I'm having a problem when i use the full power of the laptop, like playing games on ultra settings, the changer doesn't work at this situation, it is stops to charge in every 5 seconds and starts again like the charger is not supplying the necessary energy to the laptop. I saw the charger specifications and it is 250w, is 250w charger sufficient to this laptop? ( This is the most powerful charger sold by razer and it came with this laptop)
Or this could be only a problem in my charger?
I can't play any games in ultra setting because of this.
Thanks for all help.

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3 Replies

Hi there! Can you share a short video of this issue so we can take a closer look?
Sure, here are those shorts videos, you can see the keyboard lights blinking because it is stopping to charge, and after some seconds starts again in a loop playing in 4k in ultra settings. ,
Thanks for the videos. Please send over the serial number of your Blade through PM. I'll assist you from there.