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Bought 2 Razer devices, either wont get detected on razer synapse 2 or 3!

  • 19 April 2020
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Hello everyone,

I bought razer trinity mouse, and razer blackwidow chroma v2, the other day. I previously owned old razor naga (i think 2012) and it connected fine to razer synapse 2.

When i first plugged these new devices in it was fine. It downloaded without a problem. Then i tried downloading Synapse 3. And my new mouse just stopped working totally.

While installing the drivers via synapse it said some weren't signed, and I need them signed for this version of windows.

I first turned that off, so it doesn't need a signed version, reinstalled synapse, still didn't work. It said it has a problem with some Human interface Devices driver.

I tried everything, from deleting all, reinstalling, deleting random files, checked everything online, but It still can't detect my devices. I tried doing all of this with synapse 2 also.

I tried talking to live support, I first got the customer support and it told me i need to talk to product support, and they promised they will take care of me. I am like its okay, and they redirected me, just to find out there isn't anyone available there(not queue, NO ONE AVAILABLE), i check after a few hours, same thing, again a few hours later, same thing, i try multiple times the next day, same! Then the day after that, today, i try one more time, same NO ONE IS AVAILABLE, and i come back to customer support because i have no one else to go, and he tells me, the same, you need to talk to the product support, i told him what happened, he tells me, they are available just the queue is too big, so i ask "so i should just keep refiling my request and sending it, until i get lucky to get someone??" and he tells me "yes". I am so eager with this situation, he didn't even tell me about this forum, i accidentally stumbled upon it. I paid a lot of money, considering razer is a premium service and a premium brand, but i can't even get help from someone about their BASIC DRIVER SOFTWARE.

I hope someone here can help, thanks in advance!

(I have Windows 7)

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