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can't change profile on razer synapse after a while

  • 11 February 2023
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Hi, it's been a while since a got this problem I don't know what to do.
I use a wireless Razer mouse and when I boot my pc and start synapse, I am able to switch profiles and everything works fine.
Here is a picture:

My problem is that after a while, when I open up the program again to change the profile set on my mouse, the program just shows me the mouse at 0% battery and when I click on profile section, there is no profile showing up in the menu.
Here is a picture:

I am able to fix this problem by restarting synapse but sometimes it still won't work and so i have to go into the device manager and kill every Razer program on my pc and restart synapse again.

I was wondering if there is any fix that could help prevent this bug from happening ever again, it's annoying to restart synapse everytime I want to change profile on my mouse. 😓

I already tried to reinstall synapse.

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Same issue here. All of a sudden it reads 0% and my mouse is in energy saving mode.

Nice $200 mouse here. Been charging all day. Randomly shorts out and dealing with a mess. I have everything Razer from my chair, mouse, headset, mousemat, hell I even have the branded Razer floormat for my chair. Strongly considering changing to corsair. 

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The Update broke it. 

we Must wait for a fix. Razer synapse has no rollback Function. 

Well this is a shit show. I'm sitting in a razer chair on a razer floor mat looking at a pile of plastic devices with razer logos on em beeping, disconnecting, and otherwise failing to work. Headset disconnecting, mouse says 0% battery and fails to respond, keyboard works but the lighting is stuck on spectrum cycling. It's a clown job and the 1 day I have off this week I want to use my pc, I'm fighting razer plastic products and their mess of a software. I even have the strider mouse mat. Everythibg is razer and it's about to go in thr garbage can and I'll happily buy corsair. 


Customer service barley speaks English and has absolutely no idea what I'm talking about. They don't actually use the products and I might as well be inquiring about gasket fittings for a conerslide gutter. Zero confidence Razer will fix this issue as the products don't work and the service team doesn't speak English.