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Can't update Firmware Blackshark V2 Pro

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It’s brand new.  It works.  It says firmware update is required.  I download the software, select the headset, plug in the wireless dongle, plug the headset directly into the PC via USB.  The update button never becomes enabled to be clickable. 


I’ve tried multiple cables to make sure it wasn’t the cable.  The one in the box charges the headset just fine and should work.  Any ideas?  It keeps harassing me to update firmware but I can’t!  Any ideas or do I need to do some formal support?

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Same issue here, unable to update the firmware on my Razer Blackshark v2 Pro. The ‘update’ button remains greyed out. I just put in a ticket with Razer Support.


Good morning,  


I have the BlackShark V2.0.  I’m experiencing issues with the Firmware update and Not seeing the microphone in Windows and unable to run the headset reliably without Synapse on which is consing far to many system resources.  Also, the PC only has one USB port.


On top of the dongle firmware update that everyone else is having, I also have a problem with Windows 11 not seeing the microphone.  I know it’s there and it’s available but Windows doesn’t acknowlege it.  Teams found it but Windows did not.  I had it set up and it dropped off.  I really want the drivers for it so I can install those and not have Gaming software on a work PC.  I purchased this headset because it was at the top of a couple of lists.  Now first thing when I hook it up, I’m having severe difficulties.  Is there a way to update the drivers to your companies drivers?  Windows doesn’t recognize it and says the most current are installed.  I know that installing the Razer Synapse helps, but it consumes 20% of my CPU that I need for work.  This is supposed to be good for productivity and gaming.


The product was delivered int he past three or four days.  I’ve only used it Yesterday and Today.


I did try to open a ticket, but there is no where to open a ticket for this.  You don’t seem to have a generic problem ticket.  You gear them specifically towards certain issues which is doesn’t help most of us with these issues.

Serial Number:  AC2337D27401031


I sure hope you can help and get this wrapped up soon.



Having the same issue after purchasing the new headset. What I did, I plugged in the dongle and the headset directly to my PC. Installed The Razer Synapse 3 and the headset was recognized. I'm running Windows 11 Pro with latest Windows updates.

The Synapse recommended a firmware update and I downloaded the RazerBlackSharkV2Pro(2023)_0555_FirmwareUpdater_v2.5.3.0_r1 and ran that as admin. The update went OK until to the point when I reached 99% and after that it stated something went wrong. 

After trying to restart the firmware update, it recognizes the dongle update, but it does not recognize the headset version anymore. Also, the updater is throwing an .NET error when I finally get the headset recognized (Funnily enough, it doesn't recognize the headset being turned on if it is on and I have to turn it off to be recognized?)


I have same issue, problem is we got older headphones from 2020 and  you can not upgrade to latest version. If you download firmware 2020.. it will say you have latest version. Guys i just buy today and i am sending it back.. 
i do not need almost 4 years old product… that is discrase.

holy shit! so many people with same problem and support is just giving generic troubleshooting answers?

I just got my brand new blackshark V2 2023 and synapse asked for firmware update; downloaded the updater and ended up with “Something went wrong...”; tried it again and realized headset firmware is updated but the problem is the dongle which won’t update! tried all usb ports with no hub or extension, still no luck

Received today.

Same problem.


I simply changed the usb port for the dongle just for the duration of the update and it worked for me

It’s 2024 and I’m also having this same issue.

2024 and they haven’t thought to update the firmware updater to actually function. ???

If this is how you treat your legacy hardware this’ll probably be the last product I buy from you.

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It’s 2024 and I’m also having this same issue.

2024 and they haven’t thought to update the firmware updater to actually function. ???

If this is how you treat your legacy hardware this’ll probably be the last product I buy from you.

Sometimes it’s just OS issue, so if possible - try FW update via another PC.

2024 april same issue here dongle not being detected, i prefer the color blue over green anyway


same issue… impossible to solve...

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I’m having this issue still, with both my wireless dongle and for my mouse. I can’t update either.

I am on windows 11

i got yesterday blackshark v2 pro 2023 i did the firmware upgrade and really it’s so bad… the sidetone is broken. i hope in another firmware or just return them.

Anyway I really think they need to stop all their projects and start to focus on their software!