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Cannot Change Synapse 3 Install Location

  • 20 November 2022
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I attempted to reinstall Synapse 3 onto a different drive of my Windows PC, but when running the installer, it defaults to the C drive. I figured that this may be a problem with leftover files, so I followed the process for clean installing (e.g., disconnecting Razer devices, deleting the corresponding folders in Program Files / AppData, etc.) and tried again. However, it still defaults to the C drive, without an option to change it.

Official support videos such as this one indicate that I should be able to change the location within the installer, but the newest version of the installer available (as of 11/20) does not let me do so.
I understand I could use a symbolic link within the install location to point to the correct drive (in a fashion similar to moving iTunes backups), but this could cause problems for uninstalling later.
Any fixes would be appreciated.

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