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Chroma Connect not recognizing Overwatch anymore

Chroma connect has been working fine since I got my first Razer peripheral. Suddenly yesterday it stopped reacting to the Overwatch Client.

I have uninstalled, and reinstalled both the Overwatch client, and the Razer Synapse 3, (As well as cortex just to be safe) And still no dice.

To test, I opened up Black Desert Online, to which Chroma Connect worked perfectly fine, as well as the Overwatch PTR, which also worked fine.

I don't know how else to solve :(

I have
Huntsman Elite
Goliathus Extended Chroma
Razer Nari Ultimate
Basilisk Ultimate (With stand)

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I am having this exact same issue.

My hue lights are not working with OW too..opened a case over a month ago and they never bothered to reply..pretty obnoxious
hmm, weird it happened a month ago for you, and just yesterday for me. Are there any windows updates that you need? Mine shut off, and I noticed I needed a windows update, which I did, but still no luck.
It seems anytime there is a windows update it just fucks everything up hahhah
Still no luck regarding this issue.
I have the same issue as of Friday last week, also Diablo 3 seems to have the same issue. When I open synapse there are no games or apps listed in the connect tab. I contacted Razer support earlier today via live chat, and I was instructed to uninstall Synapse and delete all Razer files from both //ProgramFiles(x86) and //ProgramData, remove all Razer devices from Device Manager, download the latest version of .NET framework and a specific version of C++ Redistributable. After all of this I was told to restart my computer and install synapse again. After installing it, noting has changed, connect was still not finding any games. And since it is past 6, support is no longer available.
After all of that I found this forum post: /apps-not-working.59221/
Why didn't the guy I was chatting with told me about this, since Razer knew about it...?
+1 same here, I even commented on another thread but did not get a response so I will copy here too:

I did a clean reinstall as per the Razer guide here and still nothing. Can we get some help here? I don't even see Overwatch under the Apps tab in Connect anymore. for reference my app version is 3.5.630.61222 and it seems to be the latest version available.
Turns out Overwatch turned the functionality off temporarily as it was causing crashes. and it would be fixed in a future patch.
Yup confirmed, here is the Blizzard forum post from a week ago:
Just try to re-install Chorma Connect module in Synapse,
that should do it.
Just try to re-install Chorma Connect module in Synapse,
that should do it.

no it does't
no it does't

Ok, now reinstall the game.

Ok, now reinstall the game.

Overwatch disabled temporarlily the Razer Sync, just read it in the last patch... it was making the game crash!