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Chroma connect not working with Overwatch?

  • 5 July 2020
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I just bought "Razer Blackwidow Elite 2" days ago and downloaded Razer synapse 3. When I tried to play Overwatch and try out the chroma lightning on it (It looks cool C: ) then for some reason it didn't work. It works fine on PTR version but on Live version it's not working. I have tried reinstalling the drivers and the synapse 3. restarted pc multiple times (after uninstalling the stuff and drivers) but no luck. I googled the problem and tried some of the solutions that I found, but nothing has worked so far :C

I also tried warframe and it worked fine with that as well. Its just Overwatch live version that I have problem with.
Please help 😕

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3 Replies

I'm having the same problem with this game. Chroma works fine with Doom and Diablo III for me.
Same. Diablo 3 was fine here as well. Very frustrating trying all of the solutions online but nothing worked.
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We have received reports of performance issues and crashes, so Chroma Integration for OW has been temporarily disabled. Do keep an eye out for a hotfix.