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Chroma effects not working with Apex Legends

  • 25 February 2024
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I have the following Razer peripherials:

  • Deathadder Elite mouse
  • Blackwidow Elite Keyboard
  • Chroma addressable rgb controller
  • Kraken TE headphones (with usb audio controller)

I mostly play Apex legends, and I remember that the game used to synchronize with the led lights of the keyboard and the mouse. I switched this functionality off months (maybe a year) ago, because the game had issues with it (keyboard lag..)


Lately I got the rgb controller and thought to try switch this back on - hoping it to work without issues (thinking: maybe the updates fixed this already).
Now, for some reason I cant make razer lights (keyboard, mous, led strip connected to controller) work with Apex Legends anymore.

Tried uninstalling all Razer software from my computer, even deleted all related folders (in c:program files as well as in c:users), even did a registry cleanup with cclean. Did a reinstall of Synapse afterwards, no success.


  • have Windows 11 with latest updates, dynamic lighting turned off
  • I use (try to use) Synapse 3 for this (not the new beta)

Apex Legends is supposed to be supported according to Razer’s website.
Have no idea what else to try.

Will be thankful for any hint/support which helps to make it work again.


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