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Chroma game integration flashing

  • 9 August 2020
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I recently bought a mouse(mamba elite) and a keyboard(black widow) from amazon. Everything worked perfectly with chroma. I updated and everything went bad. My LIFX lights and Nanoleaf included. anything connected to razer chroma software flickers when I open a razer game. Looking at my keyboard it almost looks as if it's trying to attempt an audio visualizer. but it's also merged with my regular nongame profile. I've tried deleting and resetting. I'm not sure if this is because of the update or user error. But I really enjoyed the chroma game settings. Anyone know how to fix this or whats going on?

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I have same issue. lights were ok till I install this chroma thing and when i join a game it starts flickering like crazy. i am so fricking tiered of all this bs software u have to install to only make things worst. loose some more time uninstalling, reinstalling, checking the internet for answers, go on support page, supp page has nothing but more bs on the subject. just sad. 2nd time i buy things from razer and very bad experience both times...