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Copy & Paste Macro?

  • 7 March 2019
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Trying to make a copy and paste macro for work to use on mouse keys 5 & 4, any tips/advice??

Literally have tried for an hour but no luck, either they copy and then puts "c" and then pastes nothing then types v...5.0.5.!!!!

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4 Replies

Not sure what mouse you have. Some have button mapping that can be set to the system copy paste functions. I'm trying to remember if that's what I have mine set to. I use those at work all the time.
If it's not a direct mapping, I think I have it set to c with the control modifier applied. Again, my Razer mouse is the Spectre StarCraft II mouse, and it's super old. The one I'm using now is a EVGA mouse.
I'm currently using the Razer Mamba
Solved it! Had to go into Mouse, select which buttons to press and re-bind to keyboard function!

Figured it out, thanks for the tip! Hope this helps anyone else out lol
Well I looked it up finally. I had made a custom macro that mimics holding control down then pressing c. I think I removed the time intervals.

Either way, glad you figured it out. I use my copy pasta side buttons a ton at work.