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Dear Razer.

  • 4 September 2019
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I've been a loyal customer since 2007 when I first purchased my Razer Diamondback 3G.

I am no gamer fyi, I don't abuse my mouses, I am a software developer / PM that just likes his mouse to be accurate and comfortable.

That mouse lasted me a LONG time, I actually regret I threw it out cause that was pure due to cosmetics, it functioned PERFECTLY but I made a bit of extra cash and bought my first Razer Deathadder Black Edition in 2012 as its shape resembled my beloved very first Genius Netscroll+ Mouse.

I read about the issues but never believed it as Razer is a solid brand. But in 2014 I had to replace my mouse with another DA Black Edition cause the old one started to double click and middle button stopped working and the mouse became unusable.

In 2016 - I bought Deathadder WOT edition on discount with a mat, which is in the picture for the same reasons (old one started to doubleclick) hoping that the issue had been solved. But it wasn't.

2018 the history repeated itself now with the WOT edition and I bought myself Deathadder Elite.

Apart from that I have had Razer stickers on all of my laptops (Asus EeePC 901, Sony Vaio Pro 11, Mac Book Pro 13) as well as on my snowboarding helmet and my workstation that was worth $4k when I bought it last year along with the new mouse in 2018.

Now guess what - my mouse started to (omitted) squeak the (omitted) scroll wheel couple of months ago. And now this (omitted) piece of :eek_: started to double click.

Dear Razer, please solve the problem for your customer. I don't want to buy myself another problem, I want to feel good about Razer again. The warranty program in Ukraine is ¯\\_(ツ)_/¯ and my Elite was bought in Poland (pretty sure you can guess that via S/N on the picture).

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2 Replies

Owned Diamondback, 2 x DA Black, DA WOT edition, DA Elite over 12 years
Four Deathadders failed with doubleclicks / squeaky & non-functioning wheel over 7 years. Tired of it.
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Hi there! Please PM me. I'll take it from there.