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Deathadder V2 needs firmware update to store lighting settings !

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Can't believe I bought two of these mice expecting them to store lighting settings, even if just basic lighting. The Razer spec page is misleading !

"Advanced on-board memory. Save and store up to 5 profile configurations to the on-board memory and bring your settings anywhere—so you’re always ready to compete with your preferred controls."

Just not lighting eh ?, thought that was in each profile (oh it is !). Forces users to install the software on ALL pc's even if not theirs and always have it running !?!?. C'mon Razer, get the firmware updated to store at least basic colour and brightness with each profile on the mouse !. Or allow us to change the default colour cycling to our choice !

Anyone from Razer going to support us and reply with an ETA for the new firmware ?

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Bump.... We have two of these mice and one had a firmware update !, SO WHERE IS THE UPDATE TO STORE COLOUR SETTINGS WITH THE PROFILES RAZER ??
True, found out the same. The worst part is that Synapse 3 is in Beta, and Synapse 2 does not support it so there is no stable software released for this mouse. The previous DeathAdder Elite would actually save the settings using Synapse 2 (and the would stick even on different PCs without Synapse running).

Ah btw, I cannot even keep Synapse 3 running in background because it completely drains the battery of my laptop constantly using CPU and sending data over the network.