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Deathadder V2 PRO WIRELESS

  • 18 May 2022
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Hey guys.

I bought this deathadder V2 Pro Wireless only afew days ago.
Perfect for me, because i'vd allways loved deathadder mouses, had them for 15 years.

Been playing with the mouse, but then 2 days later, where i havent been playing, the mouse wont connect or ANYTHING.
i use it so the usb dongle is in the "HUB" connected to the wire in the computer.
on that setting 2.4ghz. NOW 2 days later, my mouse connect or ANYTHING. No power in the mouse. If i put the USB directly in the PC it "finds" the usb dongle. But the mouse will NOT turn on.

WHAT HAVE HAPPEND. please help me.

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Did you already check the switch if it was toggled to 2.4hz mode? Try to charge it for at least 4 hours, it's possible the battery was drained. You can also get the firmware update here. If that didn't help, PM me the serial number so I can validate its model specifications and look for other workarounds to help you resolve the issue. I will lock this thread now to curb our conversation privately.