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DeathStalker Ultimate Apps blank and Touchpad not working

  • 10 September 2019
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I know there are a few deathstalker ultimate posts so far but none quite seemed to help me I am afraid

Windows 10 laptop
Keyboard plugged into a powered usb hub.

So a quick rundown. When I first attach the keyboard the touchpad and keyboard work on my laptop. However I do not have any Switchblade UI apps available or any shortcut/macros. So I download synapse 2 to try and make these work. to be precise. Upon installing a few things happen. Once the update manager has it's way, the touch pad stops working on the keyboard, also my laptop's touchpad starts to act awkward, it also loses it's precision functions.(Im assuming the update manager is by default removing synaptics newest drivers and installing it's own over it). The only way i'd found to really get it back to normal after this is a restore point from before I installed synapse though installing another driver manually gives me some multi touch function but i don't have the synaptic ui any longer to alter things.

As for apps, once I have the app installed I still cannot utilize any apps, the spots where the apps would be remain blank. I go into the apps and place them into the spots but still no go.

I tried a little with support but we unfortunately couldn't get anywhere. If anyone has any information or can help please please I would be very grateful.

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3 Replies

Hi there! You mentioned that you already reached out to support. Please PM me the case number so I can take a look. I'll pick it up from there.
Hi Panda o/

My case numbers are:

From my latest round, it would seem with the latest updates to windows, synapse 2 just isn't compatible anymore and this is the cuase of why my death stalker no longer functions as it should T_T. But if you can look over the case notes and assist futher I would be very grateful.
Hi there! Thanks for the reply. I have removed the case numbers for security purposes. Please send me a PM here instead.