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Disappointed in Blade 17

  • 4 June 2022
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I dropped big bucks to get the Razer Blade 17 (3080 ti, QHD 240Hz), and man this thing is infuriating. Hopefully someone can just easily point out that I'm being dumb, but for a computer this expensive, I shouldn't be having ANY issues.
For one, the Bluetooth is garbage. Most times it doesn't exist. When the "turn on Bluetooth" is even visible in settings, it'll say it's off when the switch is clearly turned on. I've done the whole uninstall/reinstall driver thing and Bluetooth just keeps disappearing. This is not new technology, and in an increasingly wireless device world, Bluetooth is absolutely essential.
Now the trackpad. It's huge, and placed in a way that your palm will touch it and count as a press. I'll try to scroll but nope! You bring up the task manager (or whatever win 11 calls it). Also, idk if it's the trackpads fault, but I seem to have to double click any internet link. Not sure if it's not registering, or if there's a setting I missed (although I've never seen double clicking links as the default).
I'm not sure if Win 11 is just super buggy, but this laptop doesn't respond smoothly at all. Most everything you do from scrolling, to swapping windows is super choppy. It's pretty slow to respond in comparison to the predator Helios 300 I just "upgraded" from.
When I bought it, I was only looking at the specs, so when I opened it up, I surprised and bummed that there was no number pad on such a large laptop....that one's on me though lol.

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I currently have windows 10 and my problem is that the bluetooth keeps dissappearing entirely. I spent 3 hours on with windows support just for them to tell me it was razor stuff that was the problem and then I spent another hour having to fix their screw up. idk if they did a new update or what but it has happened again. this is getting ridiculous for the amount of money that was paid for this unit and that I spent it expecting a problem free setup